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TRUTH BOMBS FOR MOMS - Stop Being A Control Freak!

He's not perfect ladies and guess what? Neither are we. We made mistakes along the way but that's how we learned. He may not do it the way you want him to. Sometimes it feels like extra work doing damage control when we let them take over the reins but if he wants to do it because he sees that your drowning, just let him.

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Ace Your Back-to-School Anti-Anxiety Parenting Test

Have there been aspects of sending your child back to school in the fall that have caused you or your child anxiety, either this year or in the past? Typical culprits are: changing schools, staying on top of schoolwork and getting homework in on time, dealing with bullies or shifting friendships, and participating in extracurricular activities.

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Only as happy as your least happy child? It’s killing you both...

If you’re a constant worrier, it’s taking a toll.  You may feel powerless and hopeless, in a state of agitation.  It can affect your sleep, your eating, your productivity, and your health in general.  And like many parents, the more you worry, the more you try to control and micromanage.  It’s a normal reaction to want to fix the source of your distress.

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