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How To Be Your Own Best Warrior Against Breast Cancer

My mother lost her 2.5 year battle with breast cancer in 1993. She was 53 years old. I was 29 and had an amazingly supportive husband, and three children under the age of five. I had my first mammogram at age 28. Was it early? Of course – but my mother taught me to be proactive and assertive in staying on top of my health, so I would be sure to catch and treat any challenge before it was too late.

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Ace Your Back-to-School Anti-Anxiety Parenting Test

Have there been aspects of sending your child back to school in the fall that have caused you or your child anxiety, either this year or in the past? Typical culprits are: changing schools, staying on top of schoolwork and getting homework in on time, dealing with bullies or shifting friendships, and participating in extracurricular activities.

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