Sincerely, The Mom Who Didn't Cry When Her Youngest Went to Kindergarten

Back to school 2019 was definitely a first for me! The beginning of a brand-new routine. For the first time in eleven years, I sent all three of my beautiful kiddos off to a full day of school. My extraordinary daughter was off to sixth grade, my amazing middle son ready to conquer third, and my independent baby was going to kindergarten. And yet, as I prepared myself to send my youngest off to kindergarten, I didn’t shed a single tear (not even at his preschool graduation). Don’t get me wrong, I am as sentimental as they come. I can cry at the drop of a hat. The wrong song on the radio can elicit tears running down my face.

Yet, over the past few months as people have asked me if I was sad to send my youngest off to full day school, my answer was quite simply, “No”. 

Wondering why this sentimental Mama didn’t cry at all??? Let me share… 

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My daughter was first up this morning as the middle school bus rolled in at 7:15. She was off to sixth grade, and her second year at the Middle School, with anticipation and excitement in her step. “One down, two to go,” my Mom said as I walked back from the bus stop in to the house. Time to get the boys ready for the first day together. Breakfast, clothing on, lunches packed and then outside for first day of school photos.  Still no tears! We headed to the bus stop early, and it was actually rather on time for the first day of school. Maybe it was because he was with his older brother, but my kindergartner got on the bus without hesitation. And, unlike the other Kindergarteners, I’m pretty sure he walked right to the back of the bus.  As the bus headed down the street, I ran off to my car to head right to school. I’m definitely one of those Moms who likes to capture photos of the kids getting off the bus, especially my first timer. So, I snapped a few photos, watched as their teachers them ushered them from the blacktop in to school, and I turned to many of my compadres on the blacktop with me and said “Peace Out…you might see me skipping to my car!” It’s kind of funny because I have been telling people for months that I wasn’t feeling sad or sentimental, but I wasn’t sure if those feelings would creep up as the moment arrived. Turns out, they didn’t.  

I have been home with my children for ten of their eleven years of life (my kiddos are eleven, eight and five now).

I decided to stay home after a ten-year Wall Street career with my children just after my daughter’s first birthday in 2009, and have never once looked back. While I am now a work from home Mom, with an incredible business as a Norwex consultant, I have been very much home for these past ten years. And they have looked a little something like this. I’ve had a buddy with me at lunch for the past ten years almost every day, and that same buddy (or buddies) accompanied me when I went to the bathroom. I have enjoyed being present for field trips, preschool parties and midday play dates at the park. I’ve had my fair share of days spent rushing from 9:15-11:45 to cram everything in to the day, because preschool noon pickup comes so quickly each day. I’ve spent countless hours driving on the parkway, so my young child could nap because they so desperately needed it, but wouldn’t nap at home anymore. And I’ve also tried to convince those same kids that a movie afternoon sounded like a great idea, because I so desperately needed a nap and thought if I could just get them to sit on my lap for a little bit I could close my eyes. I’ve given baths and cleaned the bathroom at the same time (don’t worry… I’m totally using Norwex, so nothing harmful for my little bather). I have worked out at 5:30 in the morning, so I would make sure to get my workout in. I lost all the baby weight. I have also skipped workouts because I just didn’t have the time (or make the time), and I put all that lost baby weight right back on. Some days I was on top of meal planning, and other days meal planning was sorting the cereal boxes in the pantry. I wouldn’t change my decision for the world, and I absolutely loved being the Mom of a preschooler, but this Mom was ready to move on. And that’s why I didn’t cry… not because I am not sentimental (I know I will miss those days), but because I am ready for a new routine.

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There are so many things that I am looking forward to accomplishing this year. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that I will most certainly run short on time on most days and this list below won’t all come to fruition.  My meal prep may still wind up being cereal boxes or frozen waffles. I don’t expect these few extra magic hours to make everything perfect. But, I am so looking forward to time for me. Time to get up, get the kids off to school and get that workout in consistently. I want to focus on the nutrition of my entire family more.  I’m going to put on loud music and dance around the house and I might even read a book, or pick up a new TV series. You know those days when I was trying to convince my kids that it was a great movie afternoon? Well, I might just lay down and take a nap when my body tells me that I need it. I can’t even begin to tell you the projects in my home that I am ready to tackle. Did I mention that I am actually excited to clean my house for more than 2 hours at a stretch? I’m looking forward to finally going for those neighborhood walks with friends or even grabbing lunch out as adults on occasion. I can’t wait to be more intentional about the time I spend on my Norwex business. I have so many great plans that I just haven’t had the time to implement and I know that this year is going to be big in so many ways.   

My sincere hope is that with just a little more time for me, that I’ll be an even better parent and wife for my amazing family. Not quite so rushed and frantic all the time. It won’t be perfect, but I am ready for it. It’s been a great first day, and I can hear the bus coming now. I can’t wait to hear all of the kid’s stories from their first day. I already have dinner ready to go in the oven so I can listen fully. And I will be back to share my own stories, once I get used to this new routine.


The Mom Who Didn’t Cry When Her Youngest Went to Kindergarten

Jamie Silver is an Executive Sales Leader and Independent Sales Consultant at    Norwex   . If you want to learn more about Jamie's Norwex journey visit her at:

Jamie Silver is an Executive Sales Leader and Independent Sales Consultant at Norwex. If you want to learn more about Jamie's Norwex journey visit her at:

Jamie Silver is a mom to three amazing kiddos, the Chief Domestic Officer in her home, a “Mompreneur” and an Executive Sales Leader with Norwex. Her passion is educating others about the dangers of exposure to harmful chemicals in frequently used household and personal care products, and the truly life changing solutions that Norwex offers to save people time, money and to drastically reduce our exposure to these harsh chemicals. She is excited to share the Norwex mission with others and is working hard with her team across the country to educate as many people as possible. When she isn’t working on creating healthier, safer havens, or enjoying the chaos that comes with three young children, she is an avid soccer player and loves dancing when no one is home to really loud music!!

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