Everyone Keeps Telling Me...

Everyone keeps telling me I’m going to miss this stage.

I’m so done. I’m not going to miss this stage, even though everyone says I am. My two kids annoy me daily over stupid things and I’m at my limit. I used to try to keep tantrums to a minimum. Now I just don’t care and walk away. They get over it and come find me not too long after.


Am I going to miss saying “eat your food” fifty bazillion times a day? NO. God. I’ll be happy when they can just sit there and eat and not make any noise. I miss having quiet and easy-going meals.

Am I going to miss my son acting out cause he is still hungry? No way. That is so annoying. To me I thought he had enough to eat but nooo; starts throwing everything around until someone gets hurt. Yeah, sounds fun.

Am I going to miss trying to get my kids out the door? NO. NO. and NO. Why do they always give you the wrong hand when you try to put gloves on or the wrong foot for the shoe you have?  Blows my mind that it happens every damn time.

Am I going to miss the constant state of mess my house is in? NOOO! My sanity level will be much better when my son stops purposely dumping everything for my attention. I can only store so many things out of reach.

Am I going to miss the tantrums? Oh my God, heck no. The tantrums over the stupid things…

He doesn’t have the same shirt or pjs as his brother.

I gave him the wrong cup.

No bubbles in the bathtub.

I made him the wrong food even though he asked for it.

Sitting on his brother cause he loves him.

I gave him milk instead of tea.

He can’t find this one tiny toy he has to have right now.


Am I going to miss my son breaking everything on purpose? This is so annoying. Toys he likes he breaks and thinks they can be fixed. He purposely knocks things over; books or pillows on the couch. He takes his brothers toys even though he has no interest in them, etc. He is curious how things work but it’s annoying when you buy a toy and it’s broken by the end of the day. Yes, I’m happy he is playing with it and they do play a lot but…

I’m tired of everything.

Am I going to miss being woken up in the middle of the night or having them climb in my bed?  No. Getting woken up out of a deep sleep is the worst thing for me. It ruins me for the rest of the day. I get in a funk and nothing helps.

Are there things I will miss?  Probably. The cuddles are awesome. The random “I love you, mom” is great. They are super cute. I will always have the pictures and videos to look back on but will I miss it?

Time will tell, but right now I’m going to say no.

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