File this under: Open Tabs EVERYWHERE!!!!

Last night I had an experience that I just needed to share!  I’m hoping some of you can relate to this. It wasn’t the first time this has happened to me – and certainly not the last – but as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep around 11:30 pm (much later than my usual bedtime) my mind was racing with everything on my to-do lists.  LISTS – plural.  And it got me thinking, that for the sake of keeping things real here, I wanted to share with you the volume of things running through my mind at a given time, which some days just keeps multiplying.  When I get a moment to be still and silent, sometimes I can’t help but have these lists creep in and I’m reminded that sometimes, I just need to keep moving to keep it all going. Which can be really, really hard, especially when I need a moment to stand still.

So who can relate?  Here’s my current mental dashboard and what’s keeping me up at night:

thought catalog.jpg


  • 4 open word documents

  • 14 open tabs in internet explorer (14!!!!)

  • 68,679 unread emails (*mental note, if they don’t spark joy, delete!)


  • 4 voicemails to listen to

  • 11 unread text messages

  • 52 expired reminders on my phone

These are in addition to my personal calendar, which I still use in the form of a hand-written agenda book.  There’s something that’s just soo good about crossing things off a list! Am I right??

For those of you also balancing lots on your plates, I feel you and you’re not alone.  Don’t forget that in the constant buzz of list-tackling, it’s ok every now and then to STOP. PAUSE. And re-charge before you tackle it once again.

In solidarity!!


Julia holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, advanced Clinical Certificates from NYU, and certification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Julia can best be reached at or via her website


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