I Just Don't Care Anymore...

I just don’t care anymore...

Anyone ever go through a phase or many phases of “I just don’t care anymore.”?  I feel like my life is draining away with staying home with the kids. All of these "what ifs" pop into my head. As my husband is being promoted and doing well at his job, I always wondered what if… I stayed working or accepted that job change when I found out I was pregnant.

I think too much and it affects my mood and the way I think. I’m at home with kids constantly asking Mommy will you play with me or just need constant attention. I never had to keep up with people or kids so much. It’s too much for me and I give up.

My house is a mess…. I just don’t care.

— - Anonymous SAHM

Christmas decorations need to be taken down...  I just don’t care.

Kids don’t like what I make for dinner...  I just don’t care.

Dishes need to be washed ..  I just don’t care (side note:  If I load the dishwasher, my husband has the time to rearrange the dishes before running it. WTF!  So I don’t do the dishes anymore and I used to enjoy it)


Go through the kid's clothes ..  I just don’t care...  I’ll figure it out eventually.

That bin of clothes won’t put itself away...  I just don’t care.

Still, need to cut down the plants in the garden…  I just don’t care.

There are other examples but I would probably have every mom mad at me for saying the things on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I get everything done eventually but some days are more annoying than others. It always seems like the mommy to do list is never-ending.

Some people say don’t mind my messy house. These people have no idea what a mess is.  I wish I was more on top of things or more organized.  Maybe I will be someday when they are bigger but I will enjoy the time we have now when they are little kids.

I’m sure so many people go through this. I was a smart person before I had kids and I feel like being home really takes a toll on me mentally. Not much adult interaction, not learning anything new, reading a bunch of kids books, hardly getting out like I used too, and having to schedule in a shower is annoying.

Hopefully, this helps someone see that everyone struggles even if they always look happy in public.

 Anonymously written by a Facebook Community Member

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