How Do I Achieve My Ideal Client?

Picking an ideal client is like picking the right outfit to church on Easter .

You want to make sure you have it right!!

There’s a lot of hype about being intentional when selecting your ideal client in today’s noisy market. In fact, I believe being intentional is the first step in MANIFESTING your soulmate clients.

You see I have some pretty amazing stories of how I’ve gotten my favorite clients magically fall in my lap. But it all started with the “intention” to narrow down, and this definitely required a little strategy to go along with it.

The problem is that choosing a niche AKA ideal client is often confusing, stressful and down right...scary.

Some of the most common fears when “niching” down I hear are:

"I don't want to leave anyone behind."
"I may lose business or opportunities if I’m too narrow in my approach."
"What do I do with the clients I already have?"
"But everyone can use what I have to offer!"

So here’s the thing, “niching down” isn’t a one and done type of thing. It’s something that has to be done intentionally, consistently.

In fact, there are three phases of finding an ideal niche.

PHASE I is discovering your initial niche. This is when you do your initial research and you intentionally select one ideal client you speak to based on your unique brilliance, expertise and unique message.

Once you start getting clients, you’ll have more clarity because you’ll be hearing and learning from your clients new areas you can help them with or new ways to apply the main thing you offer.

PHASE II is refining your niche.

This is where you may be letting go of what you originally started out doing because along the way you’ve discovered what your core audience really wants. Phase II can also be where you’re branching out and offering different ways of applying your core specialty.

It is also where you’re discovering new audiences for your core specialty.

PHASE III is where you’re up‐leveling your niche, taking what you do even deeper.

So, while it may feel stressful to niche down, it’s definitely something entrepreneurs have to make peace with.

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But if niching down still feels constructive to you, keep reading and ask yourself this:

-What if by being clear on your niche you could make sure people are taken even better
care of?

-What if there was no way anyone can be left behind because no matter what, there are resources for them?

You see, I believe that working on your niche can open the door to your deeper work and if you do it right, there are endless possibilities available to you and your ideal clients!

So be brave my friend. Let the universe bring you your most ideal clients ever. Start by becoming intentionally clear about who that person is. What the mind can see it can believe...that’s the true magic.

If you’d like some soulful strategy check out my “Niche Formula Secrets”, which can walk you step by step through this process click here to access!

Mariel Alvarado is a Client Acquisition Coach and Intuitive Marketing Strategist. She helps soulful experts and creative service providers figure out a plan and get premium clients. Book a Free Discovery Session and get a FREE plan!

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