Being Direct About Direct Sales – Can You Make “Real” Money?!?

Have you ever wondered if people really make money in direct sales?  I’m talking “real” money, the kind that helps to relieve whatever money stresses that you have.  Ok, I’m going to lay this right out here for you. Yes, it is possible to make “real” money in direct sales, and No… you absolutely do not need to be at the top of a company’s compensation plan to do so.  The topic of money can be a bit taboo, but let’s face it, it is important. Not everyone begins a direct sales business for the money… sometimes it is for the love of the product, to make a difference in the world, to get some me time, or even to be a part of a camaraderie of women and men supporting each other.  But for today, let’s talk about the money.

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I have been a Norwex consultant for just shy of four years (one month shy to be exact... so let’s just call it four years).  When I initially signed up as a consultant I had a goal of making $500/month. As a family of five, I knew that $500/month would most certainly help with our bills.  Grocery bills, dining out, kids sports, activities, unexpected expenses, and yes, the occasional retail therapy trip can add up. That income goal was somewhat arbitrary, because I really had no idea what the compensation plan even looked like and what was possible.  And then I started to learn, and to meet people…everyday, average people (just like you and me) who were making life-changing amounts of money in this business. And, they weren’t working around the clock either. Don’t get me wrong, some people do work insane numbers of hours to earn their direct sales income (usually happily), but most of the people whom I have met, are working on their own terms.  Now, I can speak in generic terms like I have been, or I can give you some specifics. I’m a big fan of details, so I’ll give you some specific details. Here is what my bottom line looked like last month.

In January of 2019 I had my best Norwex month ever.  I sold just over $10,000 in Norwex product, which resulted in a paycheck for me and my family of $3,500.  That doesn’t include any additional income that I am making off of my incredible team members. It also doesn’t include the points I am earning towards my hopefully second incentive trip, and the other awesome incentive programs we currently have going on.  (Can you tell that I like incentives? Sometimes I actually forget that I am even getting paid!!) But here is the official scoop. I worked eight nights of the month in January at parties (some people call them classes or workshops), but I was only out and away from my family eight nights last month.  My average party is just around 4 hours… sometimes I hang out longer just chatting, but that’s just fun and I choose to do that.

That’s just under $110 per hour!! For a job that doesn’t even feel like work, that’s not a bad return on my investment of time.

I also want you to know that while January was my best month yet, I have had many other months over the last four years that have been just as significant for my family.  Do I work hard outside of my parties…yes, I absolutely do. But I do it all on my own terms and I love every single aspect of my job!

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Imagine what you could do with that kind of income?  Pay for your family’s groceries and bills? Pay your mortgage? Book a much-needed family vacation?  Or maybe just feel your own self-worth again by financially contributing to your family? Possibly it’s just to feel a little less guilty when you buy that new outfit or that new pair of shoes?  

So, to answer the question I posed at the very beginning.  Yes, people make “real” money in direct sales. Some people are looking to make some fun money.  Others want to make fundamentally life changing money. The decision is entirely up to you!!

Jamie Silver is an Executive Sales Leader and Independent Sales Consultant at Norwex. If you want to learn more about Jamie’s Norwex journey visit her at: 

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