TRUTH BOMBS FOR MOMS - Stop Being A Control Freak!

If you want baby daddy to step up to the plate more often, STOP BEING A CONTROL FREAK!

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I know that many of our readers have amazing partners who are at least 50% or more involved in all aspects of child-rearing!!! Two thumbs up for you!

For the rest of us who feel like we are carrying around a 100-ton bag of bricks on our shoulders 24 hrs a day, there is relief. It's laying right beside you in bed, sleeping and looking all angelic even though you want to turn over and kick him in the head when the baby starts crying.

Naturally, as mothers, we often take on the alpha or more dominant role when it comes to raising our children. Mother knows best, right? Dad is watching us bust our ass and while it's a major struggle, we do it with such ease, right?

Pssshh. That's what he thinks.

...but when he tries to step in to help, how many of you point out how he can do it better? When you decide to leave the house for "me" time, how many of you text or call a million times to check up? If he doesn't do it your way, there is going to be hell to pay when you walk through the door. Your "you" time just turned in to "I should have just stayed home and done it all myself" time.

He's not perfect ladies and guess what? Neither are we. We made mistakes along the way but that's how we learned. He may not do it the way you want him to. Sometimes it feels like extra work doing damage control when we let them take over the reins but if he wants to do it because he sees that your drowning, just let him.

If you come home to toys on the floor after 9 PM, but the kids are in bed, LET IT GO. Loosen the noose. If you constantly tell him what he's doing wrong, eventually he'll shut down and wonder what the heck he's good for anyway. LET HIM HELP. Be encouraging. Trust me, it's not easy but he's capable so just give him a break!

You might be surprised. The more he helps and realizes you do it better, he might actually start asking for your advice. WINK. WINK.

Renee Jensen is the founder of  Yin and Yang Mom  and  11:Eleven Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Renee Jensen is the founder of Yin and Yang Mom and 11:Eleven Reiki & Intuitive Healing