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Yin and Yang Mom supports mommy mental health by giving mothers the tools and resources to balance the light and dark of motherhood; manifesting total well-being mind, body, and soul within themselves and their families.

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Momma Said: “There’ll Be Days Like This”…

…but I don’t think she was very clear on the details. Probably because her Momma didn’t tell her either.

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Safe Haven

In 2015, Renee Jensen had a vision to eventually open up a resource and support center for local moms. A center where mothers can go for various services, resources, or just a place they can sit down and relax.

We are happy to announce that we are opening our doors in September 2019! We brought that dream to fruition!

We will be posting updates on our progress at the center but please see below the types of support we will be offering!

emotional & mental health support


academic services

financial planning


financial planning



Our Founder ‘Clowning Around’…


The article that started it all

Amy Kuperinsky from NJ.com reached out to me after seeing my inquiries on FB. The doll flew in to my yard out of nowhere so I posted in my local moms and community pages looking for answers. Amy saw the posts and asked if she could write up an article. I obliged…

watch me laugh at myself

Then the TV News and local NYC papers started sending reporters out. Here I am watching and laughing at this “WEIRD” story on NJ PIX 11 News.

Mom, you know you’ve gone viral

Yes, children… I know. Funny thing is, my kids said “Mom, I can’t believe with everything you do, THIS is what you’re famous for!!!” LMAO!!!


JULY 2018

“We talk about joys and pains of motherhood and womanhood,” said Jensen. “No matter where we come from, we are uniquely bonded regardless of one another’s circumstances. We talk about the hard stuff nobody wants to talk about for fear of judgment. We support each other, no questions asked.”

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Today we meet Renee Jensen who shares about being #adopted from another country, #mentalabuse, #bulemiarecovery and a mental breakdown. She had a hard road but now helps women with support and kindness. She supports other moms with #mindfulness, #tips, resources and more through her #facebookgroup @mytime_out I also share my favorite gift ideas for the #holidayseason Please check www.wakeupwithmarci.com for channel listings.

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Would you like to take a tour of our center? Do you just need a quiet place to relax and read a magazine for 30 minutes? We would love to meet you!

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